The city of  fun

Compared to Europe,  Brazil is only a little bit smaller, but nevertheless there is no Brazilian or a tourist who would not know Porto Seguro. A litlle sea-port town with about 25 thousant inhabitants is undoubtedly most famous for its history. Five centuries ago the first Portuguese invadors landed only about 20 kilometres away at Cebralia. Although this historical event still echoes in the life-style of people there nowadays, the first impression of the city is totally different. As Brazilias are well known to be incredibly outgoing and cheerful, the city is all about fun and party.


The main city centre is situated along the harbour. Its most remarkable feature are vividly coloured one-floor houses in the style of colonial architecture. The main central part of the city is The Alcohol Street, which becomes very lively in the evening, when the merchants put many stalls out, offering souvenirs and drinks in front of the shops and restaurants. The choice is enormous, and the prices are in our perspective - ridicilously low. Stalls offering drinks are beautifully decorated by fruit, and the sellers there are inviting people in a kind, appealing and unobtrusive manner, providing them with strong and refreshing drinks. Everything is accompanied by music, which in the same way as spices, makes food taste  better, as well as the ambience. 

All the rumble in the streets slowly dies out after ten or eleven o'clock in the evening. But that does not mean that there is the time to go to rest. Not at all; only the scenery changes and the nightlife moves to the beach. There are many bars and restaurants, situated along the twenty kilometres of sandy beach all the way to Cabralia. They are very close one to the other, and every night there is a party in one of them. Everyone goes there, so that  at the coast of the Atlantic ocean, everyone is dancing and singing till the morning hours. It is loud, cheerful, open, wild and unforgettable.


But the party rhythm of Porto Seguro is not the only thing, that the city offers. During the day you can visit the old part of the city, which is situated on top of a hill, above the actual modern center of the city. You will definetely not be bored during the one or two hour visit, led by a local tourist guide, who is generally very open and friendly. When you will reach the old lighthouse, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the ocean and the harbour.


A tourist-offer consists mostly of numerous one-day trips, suitable for everyone. On the half-way to Cabralia there is a village, called Coroa Vermelha, where the native inhabitants Pataxo live. While strolling about down the main street (that is at the same also the only street), you can get to know their handcraft and visit a small museum. Then you can continue your trip further to bigger and historically important city of Cabralia. If you go further to the south, first you will come to Arraial D'Ajuda.

 It is a protected coast settlement, surrounded by intacted natural environment and situated at the edge of the preserved tropic rain forest. Many artists live here. You can reach Arraial D'Ajude by boat, that sets from the harbour. A bit further on there is Trancoso, an old town, built by jesuits. In the history it represented the centre of becoming christians of the indians. The church of Saint John The  Baptiste reminds us of those times. There are many restaurants at the beach of Trancoso, and not far away there is also a FKK beach.


The trip to the coral ridge will surely attract those who love nature. Those who are note quite as demanding, will be amazed enough by a smaller coral ridge Recife de Fora, about an hour away by ship. It covers the area of about 17,5 square kilometres. Here you will have an opportunity to enjoy yourself in observing tropic fauna, that dwells in numerou coral pools, before the pools plunges them because of high tide. You can also visit Coroa Alta, which lies at a 20 minute drive from the city and is known for the corals, that are visible at all times, because the water never covers them. For those of you who are a little more demanding, there is a possilbility of visiting archipelago Abrolhos, which lies about 52 kilometres to the south from Porto Seguro. It is possible to dive there  and  enjoy the view of the unique colar ridge which resembles a human brain. That is to say that this coral structure is very similar to the structure of the brain and this unique sort of corals only exists here, in this part of the world.


Ecologically awared visitors will find it interesting to visit Vera Cruz, which is protected by UNESCO. It is a primeval forest, where you can find many sorts of flora and more than 300 species of birds, which represents almost a half of 620 existing species. A similar intact place is also the settlement called Caraiva (50 kilometres away from Porto Seguro to the south). There are no cars in the village of indians. It is not allowed to enter the village by car, and besides that the inhabitants there live even without using electricity.  They clai, that the sunlight and the moonlight provide them with sufficient amount of light. The first settlers there, the Indians, will greet you with open hands even in their preserved  place (the reservate) only a few kilometres away from the centre of the city and will present you with their customs, ceremonies, dances, food, crop and herbs. A nearby farm named Mother Theresa, is very interesting too. There you can find many different sorts of brazilian trees and also many species of exotic animals. There is also a lake at the farm, where it is possible to swim or enjoy in a kayak. You can also ride on a horse. On top of all that, the third most beautiful brazilian beach called Espelho lies close to Porto Seguro.  The name of the beach-Espelho- means a mirror. Clean water, coco-palms and the peace there all together contribute to the image of a paradise on Earth.




There are many tourist agencies at Porto Seguro offering all sorts of activities and spectacular trips to places, described above in the text. The most complete choice of all the possibilities for tourists is offered by an agency called Luanda.

Along with many trips, visits, adventures in the nature and horse-riding,  the agency Luanda also offers you y possibility of diving at the coral islands and in the ocean. They also own an interesting boat, with which they take you to the coral islands or other places in the sea, where the diving is incredible. It does not matter if you do not have your own diving equipment or if you have never tried diving before. You can rent the diving clothes at the agency and if you have no diving experiences, the diving guides will help you learn diving. The agency in question  is also one of the cheapest in Porto Seguro. Lily, guide and biologist, will make your trips and adventures unforgettable.  She will also see you at the agency and present you the tourist offer. If you do not find her at the agency, she is reachable at the number: 9993 1690.

You can find the agency Luanda in the centre of the city close to the beach: Avenida 22 de Abril 172 Centro CEP: 45810-000, Porto Seguro, Bahia, the telephone number: (73) 268 3723.

The Street 22 de Abril and The Alcohol Street Avenida Portugal / Passarela do alcool are the two of the touristically most attractive streets of Porto Seguro. In the late afternoon and in the evening hours there is a real show for tourists on both streets. This is the reason why you can find the majority of the tourist agencies situated on these two streets.


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